Goddess Randi's Slave Theme Party
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Group sex with regular couples is all nice and dandy, but how about a group encounter with Goddess Randi and her friends at a party that many men would shudder to get close to. That's right, this raunchy brunette and her girlfriends are all out femdom angels and they just love it when men grovel at their feet and beg for some of their love. Naturally, the high quality femdom photo gallery of their party doesn't show any hardcore action at all, oh, no, these girls would never stoop so low, but that doesn't count for their willing male toys, these guys just love being used and humiliated by the girls who love inflicting pain - watch as the guys get to lick the feet of their mistresses, bring them food and serve it on their bodies or just get used as couches and sitting stools - they're around just to please their mistresses and to fulfill every whim they may have
Website Of Video: Glam Bitches
Category: Leather
Tags: leather femdom domination slave domme mistress dominatrix facesitting bdsm fetish
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