Hired Help Gets into Big Trouble
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Having a job is quickly becoming quite a luxury all around the world, and this guy was happy that he has made a good career in a company that connects chefs with people who need good quality cook at home. However, this poor cook for hire had no idea that his new client is actually a glam bitch with female domination fetish - men she gets hold of are sure to experience lots of pain and humiliation before she's done with them, especially if they manage to get on her bad side, which he did, he didn't compliment her kitchen nor her cooking skills, telling her to let him work. A threat made by the tall blonde to make up a story which will get him fired got him almost paralyzed and he's ready to do whatever it takes to avoid that, even letting her trample him, walk all over him and use her heels to poke his stomach and sensitive male bits until he's gasping with pain - he has never been introduced to ballbusting fetish and he doesn't really care for it, but he has to endure
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Category: Boots
Tags: femdom domination boots slave bdsm fetish domme mistress dominatrix
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